Why the name "Ruined Adventures"?

Ruined Adventures has several meanings for us... 

1. We love archaeological sites
We've visited several interesting ruins over the years, mostly in the US and Mexico.  Mesa Verde of the ancestral Puebloans, the Ruta Puuc of the Yucatan, and Chizen Itza of Quintana Roo. We absolutely love exploring these ancient cities and imagining what life was like for them.  Maybe we enjoyed Indiana Jones too much when we were kids, but who didn't right?

2. The current state of "Adventure"
The days of true adventure seem to be behind us.  There's several factors in the digital age that can take the fun out of it all, from GPS to the amount of information that can be found on the internet.  There's even talk of a new ferry that will make a Pan-Am trip 1000x easier, almost cheating ourselves of the entire process.  More and more roads are being paved and improved, while satellite communications and Skype make it possible to keep in touch with mum while you're away.  What would Shackleton or Sir Francis Drake say about our so-called adventures?

Some even say that travelers are ruining travel.  Sounds odd, right?  I definitely sympathize.  Major travel destinations have lost their authenticity.  The more accessible a location is by planes, trains, and boats, the more "tourists" come to cheapen the experience...

While we're guilty of some (if not all) of these offenses, the name of our trip dares us to avoid these traps and occasionally wing it.  Just enjoy the ride, take in the scenery, and let your curiosity be the guide book.

3. We like to roll with the punches.
Whether you enjoy traveling or not, life is directly influenced by attitude. You either make the best of a situation, or you let it ruin your day. We enjoy the little detours and the speed bumps that come with taking the road less traveled and we embrace the challenges that we find along the way.  In short, the only thing that can ruin our adventures is a negative outlook on the situation.

The Pan-Am Trail

We're bound to get lost, break a wagon axle, catch dysentery, and possibly get attacked by indians...but that is all part of the adventure.