What are your plans after the trip?

Our plan in life?

"to skid across the finish line sideways in a cloud of smoke, throughly used up; totally worn out; leaking oil, and screaming: WAHOO, WHAT A RIDE!" 

~Hunter S. Thompson

On a more serious note, our plans after Latin America are to start a family of our own and relocate to the mountains near Asheville, North Carolina.  Shannon's parents moved here, along with all of her siblings and she has lots of cousins nearby.  When our kids are older we hope to someday relocate to the Pacific Northwest so we can be close to Brenton's family in Washington State, but time will tell what happens.  In the meantime, we hope to enjoy many "micro-adventures" during our free time here on the East Coast. 

While a 2 year PanAmerican journey has been life changing, we don't really think we could ever spend that long away from family and friends again.  We're striving to find a balance, between immersing ourselves into an adventure while still having some stability and financial security at home.