What about your careers?

"What did you do at work today honey?"
Hosed down a crowd of kids.
Aren't you scared to leave it all behind?  Yes and no. We both love our careers and it’s very hard to imagine working for any other employers. But to put it simply, we eventually realized that Austin was not the city where we could see ourselves living for the rest of our lives. We both want to escape the humid climate, and our families no longer live nearby.  We have come to understand that our family is the most important element in our lives, so the decision has become clear that we need to relocate. 

When life gives you lemons, say screw it and make orange juice instead.

Since we'd have to quit our jobs to relocate, we figured there would be no better time to take advantage of the situation and travel for an extended interval.  We wanted to invest our hard earned money making memories to last a lifetime and gain valuable experiences that will reward us in the future.  This break will allow us to get some creativity flowing and discover what we want to do with the next 40+ years of our lives.

UPDATE: everything works out in the end.  We both found great jobs in North Carolina and we are really happy that we made the leap.  Our savings may have taken a hit, but eventually we will bounce back and we are happy that we didn't wait until retirement to enjoy life together.  
Now that we have achieved something of this magnitude we now know what grit and determination can get you.  Hopefully when we retire we are still healthy enough to tackle something similar and start again in another continent.