FAQ: What do you do for work, to be able to afford such a big trip?

Before we quit our jobs in Austin, we were both employed in public service.

Shannon is a Registered Nurse and she worked on the trauma floor in one of Texas' leading trauma centers.  Before the trip, Shannon picked up a second job to make extra money.

Brenton is a professional Firefighter EMT.  He worked as many overtime shifts as possible and worked part-time for a smaller fire department on his days off.  He also earned extra money doing sprinkler repairs, assisting clients of a friend's lawncare service.

We were both fairly young in our professional careers, so we did not earn much when compared to most other professions.  We did however SAVE a ton of money by living with roommates and eliminating unnecessary bills.  We made sure to pay off all debts before our journey, except for Shannon’s student loans which we will probably be paying off for an eternity.