Funding Our Journey

Mommy and Daddy are not paying the tab and we didn't have six-figure jobs before we left...Shannon is a trauma nurse and Brenton is a Firefighter EMT, so neither of us make six figures.

Right now you're probably scratching your head.

We worked hard, saved our money, and lived simply.  There's no big secret here, it's just a self-funded adventure the old-fashioned way.  Not everyone chooses this direction, but we find it the most rewarding and it gives us the most freedom.

I know you see the Paypal link on the side of our page and you could be guessing "Oh sure, they just beg for donations and that's how they can afford to keep traveling".  We setup the Paypal link as an easy way for our personal friends and family to send us a wedding gift.  We are not asking for donations.  Instead of china sets and blenders, we figured a wedding gift will go further in our gas tank and they won't worry about it collecting dust in our attic.

At the end of our travels, we will add up the costs and do our best to let you know the grand total for our time on the road.